Our Home-made #pizza dough recipe 

Many of you have emailed us asking the recipe for our homemade pizza dough, well here you go! We always enjoy this recipe and we use to make a variety of dishes,we hope you enjoy it too!


✔️1 package active dry yeast ( or 25 grams of fresh one)
✔️1 teaspoon sugar
✔️1 cup warm water
✔️1 tablespoon sea salt
✔️2 table spoon of Extra-virgin olive oil
✔️3 cups 00 flour, plus more for dusting


In a small bowl, combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water; stir gently to dissolve. Let the mixture sit until the yeast comes back to life and starts to foam, roughly about 5 minutes.

Add the salt and one of the tablespoons of olive oil. 

In a larger bowl sift the flour (you can mix spices such as black pepper or chili flakes if you wish your dough to have a spicy hint), mixing  gently add the wet mixture until all the flour has been incorporated. When the dough starts to come together,start kneading until all the ingredients are fully blended together. Get a feel of the dough by pressing a small amount together: if it’s crumbly, add more water to loose the crumbs,if it feels sticky, add more flour, a bit at a time so you can get the texture you want. Mix until the dough forms a ball, this should take no more than 5 minutes.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface (marble or wooden cutting board works best) and fold it over itself a few times,working it a bit  until it’s smooth. Place the dough back into the bowl which has previously scraped and lightly oiled. Cover the bowl with a damp kitchen cloth and leave it in a warm spot to rise, this in about 1 hours should let your dough to double size. This is the perfect time to start preparing your favorite toppings or a must have tomato sauce. We mostly use Can Tomatoes gently cooked for very few minutes with e.v.o.o,sea salt, garlic purée, chilly flakes and fresh basil leaves.

Once the dough has proofed it is really up to you! Let your fantasy go wild, the pizza dough is in fact really versatile, can be baked into a pizza or a Calzone  (a folded pizza filled with anything from cheeses,to cold cuts, to vegetables.) The pizza dough is really delicious also fried and just topped with tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese. The same dough can also be used to make your favorite breads ( with Olives, or with Onions just to name a few).

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to let us know how you’ve enjoyed your pizza dough by sharing your recipes on our blog or sharing your photos on our Twitter® page, Instagram® page, Tumblr® page or on our Blogher® or simply e-mail us your best photos or sggestions. #bareginger

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