Tender Pork #Sandwich, I do like it!

Hello there! 

I wanted to cook something quick after a long day at work, luckily enough I had some organic Pork Loin cooked down with fresh peas, potatoes, carrots and thyme sitting there that someone else in the family had for lunch ( lucky them!)  I didn’t feel just having a previous cooked lovely meal, I had to put my spin on it, so I’ve decided to turn an already amazing dish into an equal impressive sandwich. 

I warmed the strips of pork in some extra virgin olive oil, adding some garlic purée and few chilli flakes, finishing the dish off with some drops of vegetables stock to keep the already moist meat softer. I have made a delightful sandwich with the warm ingredients using some all-wheat panini freshly naked from the local bakery. I’ve garnished the sandwich off with some paprika flavored mayo. Just wow at every single bite. 

I have accompanied this “panino” with a glass of Merlot red wine from the Veneto region, a decent red wine with 11% alcohol content that we often use to serve with our favorite antipasti, cheeses board and cold cuts. It was a quick fix but really fulfilling indeed! Enjoy.

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