The Ultimate Homemade #Burger!

Who doesn’t like burgers? Well, we do. A lot!

Tonight’s meal was a super-charged pork burger with eggplant chips and crunchy strips of organic bacon. The patties have been prepared with organic mince pork made of both lean and marble cuts, adobo, chilli flakes, black pepper, rock salt, and brushed with fresh garlic flavor extra virgin olive oil. The eggplants were cut into round slices, seasoned with rock salt, and black pepper, brushed with garlic e.v.o.o and baked until crispy. The bacon strips have been crisped up under the broiler until crunchy and delicious. 

We have assembled this delicious combo of flavor with fresh onions, a salad mix made of lettuce and arugula and a dollop of organic mayo. Just perfect! 



We paired this with a glass of white wine, and we’ve choosen an Asprinio Di Aversa Vite Maritata DOC, an interesting white from the Campania region made from a grape that can only be found in the area identified as the “Agro Aversano” in the Caserta province. This superb wine deserve a post by itself which will follow shortly, so keep following us on our main blog and don’t forget our social pages and our articles featured on the Blogher platform. 

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