Pan fried pork chops with mushrooms and creamy mash, the perfect recipe for this Tuesday night! 

Tuesday night dinner… Let’s see what to cook tonight! 

For us Pork chops are always good, no matter how we cook them, but the way we prepare them tonight made this delicious cut of meat even better if possible! We pan-fried lean chops in extra virgin olive oil after dusting them in seasoned flour. To add an extra depth to the dish we added some sliced organic champignon mushrooms, garlic, black pepper and sweet paprika. 


As side dish we’ve chosen another all-time favorite, organic mash potatoes seasoned with rock salt cooked with unsalted butter and bits of prosciutto, finishing them off with a dash of freshly grounded black pepper. 

The end result a dish with a variety of flavors going from the tenderness of the meat, the earthiness of the mushrooms and the unbeatable creaminess of the mash.We have paired this dish with a generous glass of Aglianico “Trigaio” from the well known wine yards “Feudi di San Gregorio”. 


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Aperitivo : A Glass of Aglianico and few slices of Pecorino 

The nicest way to have a mid-week aperitivo for us, is a lovely glass of red wine with a bold flavor cheese. Tonight we opted for a glass of Aglianico from 2012 accompanied by a few slices of Pecorino Brigante. 

Brigante is a sheep milk cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia, this  pecorino cheese variety is semi-soft in texture with a pale, ivory color. Matured for about three weeks, it has a mild and creamy flavor with citrus undertones. The texture is smooth, moist, and the pleasurable sharpness is perfect when paired with red wine.

Aglianico 2012 and Pecorino Brigante Cheese