Appetizer, a delicious combination of flavor 

Before dinner it is always nice to start off with a nice Aperitivo.

Bite-sizes of delicious food to perfectly accompany a lovely glass of wine and prepare for dinner or just to satisfy your appetite, in a cozy way. We are big fans of appetizers and we always experiment with interesting combinations, mixing our favorite with some other ingredients.

Tonight’s option was Pane Croccante, a homemade thin bread baked until golden brown slightly seasoned with sea salt, e.v.o.o and chilly flakes. We accompanied it with Crema di Carciofinia smooth paste made with a blend of artichokes hearts, e.v.o.o, chili flakes, oregano, and black pepper, Olives Tapenade a soft spread made of black and green olives with e.v.o.o, sea salt, and black pepper. We also served some Pecorino Piccante our favorite sheep cheese this one in a chili flakes seasoned variety, Salsiccia Secca a cured cold cut made with pork meat, seasoned with a mix of spices with a hint of fennel seed. 

This Aperitivo would not be complete without a bold glass of wine, tonight’s choice was Montepulciano di Abruzzo IGTMontepulciano d’Abruzzo is often a deeply colored wine with pepper and spice notes and a really bold aftertaste.

Appetizer : Pane ,tapenade and artichokes spread.

Aperitivo : A Glass of Aglianico and few slices of Pecorino 

The nicest way to have a mid-week aperitivo for us, is a lovely glass of red wine with a bold flavor cheese. Tonight we opted for a glass of Aglianico from 2012 accompanied by a few slices of Pecorino Brigante. 

Brigante is a sheep milk cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia, this  pecorino cheese variety is semi-soft in texture with a pale, ivory color. Matured for about three weeks, it has a mild and creamy flavor with citrus undertones. The texture is smooth, moist, and the pleasurable sharpness is perfect when paired with red wine.

Aglianico 2012 and Pecorino Brigante Cheese