Neapolitan Salsiccia and Broccoli

Dear friends,
We would like to share with you all an amazing yet really simple and quick dish to warm up your January nights!

The hero of this dish is definitely the pork sausage prepared with prime meat,seasoned just with few spices like salt,pepper and fennel seeds.
We have cooked it with some organic broccoli in a combination really famous and appreciated in Neapolitan mama’s kitchens in Souther Italy.

The meat is slightly seared in unfiltered extra virgin olive oil,garlic and chili flakes and cooked down until brown with some broccoli florets. The dish has been finished with a generous sprinkle of extra mature (36 months) Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese.
We served it over a warm tortilla, but you can easily enjoy this with your favorite bread or why not use it as pizza topping or as pasta sauce.