Quick bite…

Dear readers,

No better choice to satify your appetite in no time. 

A delicious chicken sandwich, made of succulent chicken breast shallow fried in extra virgin olive oil with just a few spices.

Served over warm slices of sandwich bread made of soy and other variety of grains from the wheat family. The tender and juicy strips of chicken topped with crisp lettuce, asiago cheese, chopped olives, and balsamic vinegar dressing. 

Quick bite, amazing flavor, just right!

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Roasted rack of ribs

Roasted rack of ribs
Succulent pork ribs roasted with garlic and our signature spices (cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, adobo, and ground black pepper).

There is no better way ( according to us) to taste this amazing cut of meat. We love to cook it this way, as the meat stay juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The tenderness of this premium cut of meat with it’s natural fat wrapped within a delicious crust still moist and flavored from the mixture of spices. Each single piece of meat is full of outstanding flavor, with the perfect balance of fat, heat, sweetness, and smokiness, leaving you satisfied with every bite. 
What you will need to replicate this dish our way in your own kitchen :

A 4/6 organic rack of rib 
5 large potatoes 

1 bulb of garlic

1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper

2 teaspoons of ground cumin

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika 

3 teaspoons of Adobo seasoning 

Freshly ground black pepper

This is the finished dish after roasting in the oven for 1 hour and 40 minutes at 200 °C
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Enjoy your evening! 

An amazing weekend in #Maryland 

Hello readers! 

This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending some quality time visiting dear friends in the Southern Maryland area. Beside enjoying the company of our friends which was obviously the main purpose of this trip, you know us well by now  so it had to involve some amazing home cooked food and some nice drinks to taste.

The pleasant and summery weather has been the perfect excuse to get the charcoal grill on fire! and prepare an amazing and flavor-packed  mix of deliciousness including Angus Prime Beef Burgers, Organic Beef Hot Dogs  and Farm-Raised Pork Chops all perfectly and masterly  seasoned with a home blend of traditional spices including Adobo, Sea Salt and Black Pepper and some fresh herbs like the house-grown Rosemary, and a dash of extra virgin Olive Oil. All this goodness served with few home-made outstanding side dishes, like Potato SaladCole Slaw , Pickles  and Guacamole



We finished this outstanding barbecue on a sweet note, with a slice of Boston Cream Cake and a glass of Rioja Vega from Spain an interesting discovery of this brilliant red with a complex  array of aromas on the nose, with notes of red fruits and liquorice and subtle hints of toast, spices and cinnamon. The perfect marriage to those juicy and tender cuts of meat. 

We also enjoyed some beers Red Stripe from Jamaica and some Presidente Cerveza from the Dominican Republic. 

It is not the first time we have visited this area of the US, below you’ll see some pictures we took during the spring of few years ago, in fact in certain months of the year this area of Maryland is a to-go-to spot for seafood lovers expecially Oysters and Crabs which are traditionally fished in the Chesapeake Bay area. 



Hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit this part of the US and discovery what this area has to offer, we enjoyed every minute of it and we have to thank our “Amici” for that… ( you know who you are!) 

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Quick bite @Smashburger

Dear friends,

We were in the mood for a burger today! We wanted something quick, but we did not want to settle for something already on the menu, so we decided to try Smashburger at their Gateway Mall location in Brooklyn. 

The shop is really cozy and there are few interesting option especially if you decide to go with the “Create your own” option, were you can choose your meat, your bun, sauces, cheeses and so forth. 

We had a beef large burger, in a pretzel bun with pepperjack cheese, mayo and guacamole and a chicken burger served in a chipotle bun with fresh avocado, cheese and the house sauce called Smashsauce. Both burgers served with fries, one of the two were seasoned with herbs and olive oil, quite interesting. A good and yet quick dining experience, we reccomend you’ll give them a try if you happen to be in that area of BK. 

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Today : New Jersey!

Dear friends! 

Today we just popped over across the bridge ( J.Washington Bridge that is) over to Paramus New Jersey to visit the Outlet Mall – Bergen Town. Pretty cool and a lovely place to shop.. Just a nice day out… We’ve checked the Whole Food Market in there, we’re always pleasantly surprised with the variety and the freshness of their goods! 

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MORE: Snapshots of #New York City, and some food as well..

Dear readers, here are some more shots I took this morning, nothing fancy, just tried to catch what we do love about New York City : the buzz! 




  We had to stop by Seaport District and check out Smorgasburg’s food stalls and see what delicacies were cooking.(smorgasburg.com/vendors)  Amongst all the interesting spots we’ve opted out for  Lumpia Shack (www.lumpia-shack.com) and their filipino inspired spring rolls and one of their must-have BBQ Bowl with chicken skewers. The flavor were amazing, we definitely recommend a stop if you’re in New York City.

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Some more home made delicacies, here in Brooklyn 

Hello there! 

These two dishes are other two more must have for us, two more home made dishes that we can’t pass on while we’re staying in Brooklyn, two simple, flavor boasting dishes that have that West Indies touch that we love. 

Roasted Beef with gravy cooked down with spices, potatoes and fresh thyme, until the meat is moist and tender, we enjoy ours served with a fresh tomato slice on two warm slices of Jamaican “end-bread”. Will not give it enough credit if I’ll say I’ve made me a beef sandwich but you got the idea : amazingly good.

The other one is usually served as breakfast but we often enjoy it as brunch or an early afternoon meal if we’re on the go. Super-hot smoked sausages cooked with onions, tomato and ketchup ( yes ketchup!), this dish has so many shades of flavor is unbelievable, the heat and the spices from the sausages, the velvety and fresh flavor of the onions and the tomatoes and the unbeatable sweetness coming from the ketchup making this dish almost sweet and sour but also hot and spicy at the same time. This goodness served along with some fried plantains that are a staple in the Jamaican cooking. 

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Have a lovely day!