Simplicity is a virtue, also at lunchtime.

Hello there! 

You will definitely agree with us, keeping it simple is always good, also in the kitchen. Today’s lunch was cooked with this spirit. On a sunny Friday lunch, what’s better than a good, simple and yet delicious plate of pasta. No fuss, no fancy ingredients, just a plate of goodness. 

We had Farfalle al Pomodoro Fresco. Bow tie durum wheat pasta shape, cooked to al dente perfection and coated with a fresh, simple and tasty tomatoes sauce, made from organic San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, sea salt and chilli flakes. The finished dish served with a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP


We have accompanied our today’s lunch with a Munich Helles Lager from Germany, a crisp 5.5% Alcohol, raw and unfiltered beer.

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#Easter weekend part one. #Aperitivo : #Pizza Rustica and Beer 

We are going to start this Easter weekend with an Aperitivo, and why not another traditional baked delight of the Easter Season: a slice of Pizza Rustica.

This savory dish is made using shortbread pie crust ( in Italian Pasta Frolla) filled with beaten organic eggs flavoured with salt and pepper, a selection of cold cuts, such as salami, ham and spicy dry sausage and a mix of cheeses like pecorino and parmesan. The pie once filled is baked to perfection until golden brown, resulting in a dish that is unbelievably good! 

We couldn’t miss out on accompany this dish with another Italian must-have, a nice ice-cold Peroni Beer.


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