Celebrating a masterpiece: Parmiggiano Reggiano

Dear friends,

We are celebrating an all time favorite: Parmiggiano Reggiano
Parmigiano-Reggiano commonly known as Parmesan cheese, is a hard, granular cheese. The name “Parmesan” is often used generically for various imitations of this cheese, although European laws forbids this, we were lucky enough tonight to delight our tastebuds with Parmiggiano Reggiano D.O.P, aged for 36 months, also known as Stravecchio (very old).

A nice chunck of Stravecchio

It is named after the producing areas, which comprise the Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena (all in the Emilia Romagna region), and Mantova (in Lombardia, but only the area to the south of the river Po), Italy.
Under Italian law, only cheese produced in these provinces may be labelled “Parmigiano-Reggiano”, and European laws classifies the name, as well as the translation “Parmesan”, as a protected designation of origin. 

Get to know more about the King of Cheese on the official website 

While the shaving of freshly grated cheese were originally meant to accompany our meal, we think this masterpiece deserves a post just for itself.


Game night? Homemade pizza!

Dear friends,
Nothing’s better that some comfort food at home while your favorite team is playing. Our choice for this midweek event is pizza. 
A couple of slices of homemade dough topped with some genuine ingredients makes an interesting combination. We prepared the basic pizza dough using flour, yeast, salt, and a pinch of sugar adding some sweet paprika and cayenne pepper in the mix, to have a soft crust with a hint of smokiness and heat. For toppings we used diced Asiago cheese, pork sausage, Shitake mushrooms, and finely grated potatoes. 



The mix of cheese and potatoes resulted in a crunchy and gooey interesting combination having a flavor similar to hash browns. The mix of spices and some fresh parmesan grated on top enhancing the deep flavor of the mushrooms. 
We’ve accompanied the pizza with a genuine glass of Primitivo di Manduria a crisp and flavorful red, the perfect companion for rustic dishes like this one. 
Enjoy yuor game night with some simple and delicious homemade food.
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#Sausage, potato rosti, and cheese & leeks mini pies

Tonight’s meal was a really rustic yet a really delicious combination of ingreadiends, baked all together without adding that much seasoning as the various ingredients were busting with flavors already! 

First of all, one of our all time favorite Pork Sausage with fennel seeds,made with organic pork,salt and black pepper. To accompany this delicious cut of meat we’ve choosen two lovely side dishes Potatoes Rosti made with baking potato just seasoned to taste with sea salt and black pepper and a hint of rosemary. The other side we’ve choosen was a Cheese and Leeks mini-pie this made from little parcels of puff pastry filled with a mixture of cream cheese, leeks finely minced and egg yolk mixed in to blend the parcel’s filling. 

A very enjoyable dinner, we hope you enjoy it too!

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Piadina with chicken and mushrooms 

Tonight’s  dinner is another one of our favorite! Piadina filled with spicy chicken tenders, oyster mushrooms, and Maasdam cheese, rolled and baked until golden brown. The chicken tenders are cooked with golden onions, garlic, and a mix of spices (adobo, black pepper, chilli flakes, and sweet paprika) then we added the mushrooms that were cooked with e.v.o.o

Once the filling is cooked to perfection we added the mix inside a soft piadina, topped with Maasdam cheese and bake them! We always serve this savory delight with a sauce made with mayonnaise, ketchup, balsamic vinegar and chilli flakes.

Tonight we paired it with 2013 Malvasia Nera del Salento, this lovely grape from the Apulia region in Southern Italy  produces a full ruby-red wine, with violet hues. The scent is fruity and aromatic, with a touch of pomegranate and raspberries. The taste is well-structured, with a good level of alcohol, fairly savory, and fair in acidity.

Piadina  with chicken and oyster mushroom
Piadina with chicken and oyster mushroom

The perfect snack : a slice of home-made pizza

Feeling hungry, wanted something tasteful and yet easy to prepare. The answer for us is easy…Pizza. We topped this one with:

  • Tomato sauce with basil, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil
  • Mozzarella di bufala cheese
  • Provola cheese 
  • Salame Piccante
  • Potato Croquette crumbles

This combination of ingredients has given our pizza an extra depth of flavor, hitting every single taste bud, the sweetness of the tomato sauce, the deep flavor of the two cheeses mild and smokey, the spicy hint from the salami and the bold yet creamy layer of taste from the potato croquette… more than a simple snack… a slice of happiness. 

We paired this pizza with a nice cold glass of Asprinio di Aversa  grown in the southernmost part of Caserta Province in the Campania region. The taste is sharply aromatic, dry and fresh.

Pizza with cheese,spicy salami,mozzarella,provola and croquette
Pizza with cheese,spicy salami,mozzarella,provola and croquette

Aperitivo : A Glass of Aglianico and few slices of Pecorino 

The nicest way to have a mid-week aperitivo for us, is a lovely glass of red wine with a bold flavor cheese. Tonight we opted for a glass of Aglianico from 2012 accompanied by a few slices of Pecorino Brigante. 

Brigante is a sheep milk cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia, this  pecorino cheese variety is semi-soft in texture with a pale, ivory color. Matured for about three weeks, it has a mild and creamy flavor with citrus undertones. The texture is smooth, moist, and the pleasurable sharpness is perfect when paired with red wine.

Aglianico 2012 and Pecorino Brigante Cheese