There’s always room for coffee

                               Below some pictures from our friends at Cupvia Coffee 

We’re the face of Third wave of coffee in Italy
What is The Third Wave of Coffee?

The third wave of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal product, like wine or olive oil ,rather than a commodity. This involves improvements at all stages of production, from improving coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting, most of these values are the basis of our micro roasting facility in Naples,Southern Italy.

I wanted Pancakes for breakfast!

This morning for breakfast we wanted some fluffy and sweet pancakes, so why not make some in few minutes and start the day with a smile!

We prepare them starting with the basic recipe, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder whisked until smooth with organic eggs and milk. To make them extra smooth, to add a hint of scented sweetness we added some vanilla flavored fresh yogurt cream in the mix. 

We served them with drizzles of organic honey and a sprinkle of powder sugar, without missing out our must-have cup of homemade espresso, good morning to you also! 

Homemade pancakes
Homemade pancakes