Homemade #Burger 

Dear friends,

There is fast food, and there is home food made fast.

We cannot miss on a everyone’s favorite a tasty and juicy burger with crispy fries.

At this point we have two options, either drive to the nearest fast food and pick one of the choices on the menu, or just make it at home. Our way.

We opted for option number two, making everything from scratch, from the bun to the burger to the fries. The result a soft yet crispy on top whole grain bun, a juicy burger made of 100% ground pork seasoned to perfection with paprika, cayenne pepper, onions, ketchup, and a dash of shiracha sauce. 
Topped with diced Asiago cheese and crisp romaine lettuce, and of course a generous dollop of organic mayonnaise. The fries freshly cut, seasoned to perfection and baked until golden and crispy.

Home-Made Super Burger

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