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We’re the face of Third wave of coffee in Italy
What is The Third Wave of Coffee?

The third wave of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal product, like wine or olive oil ,rather than a commodity. This involves improvements at all stages of production, from improving coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting, most of these values are the basis of our micro roasting facility in Naples,Southern Italy.

Celebrating a masterpiece: Parmiggiano Reggiano

Dear friends,

We are celebrating an all time favorite: Parmiggiano Reggiano
Parmigiano-Reggiano commonly known as Parmesan cheese, is a hard, granular cheese. The name “Parmesan” is often used generically for various imitations of this cheese, although European laws forbids this, we were lucky enough tonight to delight our tastebuds with Parmiggiano Reggiano D.O.P, aged for 36 months, also known as Stravecchio (very old).

A nice chunck of Stravecchio

It is named after the producing areas, which comprise the Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena (all in the Emilia Romagna region), and Mantova (in Lombardia, but only the area to the south of the river Po), Italy.
Under Italian law, only cheese produced in these provinces may be labelled “Parmigiano-Reggiano”, and European laws classifies the name, as well as the translation “Parmesan”, as a protected designation of origin. 

Get to know more about the King of Cheese on the official website
While the shaving of freshly grated cheese were originally meant to accompany our meal, we think this masterpiece deserves a post just for itself.


Welcoming November: roasted chestnuts

Dear friends, 

A quick post to share with you all, the best way (according to us) to welcome the first cold days of November. 

A delicious bunch of nicely roasted chestnut, and a nice glass of bold red wine. We always slice them on top really nicely and soak them in water or wine for about one hour or so, then we roast them for about 15-20 minutes in a 200° C oven. Delicious, hot, crunchy and flavorful. 

Oven roasted chestnut

We accompanied this nutty delight with a glass of a Cotes du Roussillon a vibrant french red.


A day around #Brooklyn…

When you’re in the most culturally diverse part of Brooklyn, and to be precise on Flatbush Ave, you will not be able to miss, even if you want to, the variety of take away food available. Most of the joints are representing on this always busy street in Leffert Gardens what the cuisine of the West Indies have to offer. We love Jamaican cuisine, so on our way home we stopped at Peppa’s you can read more on this lovely spot on this article featured on the New York Magazine:

 Our afternoon was on a sweet note with a stop in probably one of the best doughnuts shop in New York City : Dough on LaFayette Ave in BedStuy.

A little and cozy shop with a handmade feel, Dough makes some yeast doughnuts, with some interesting and  new glazes: dulce de leche with toasted almonds, chocolate with cacao nibs, a bright red hibiscus with hibiscus flowers and a sticky salted caramel.  

Today’s lunch was a stop by another classic, the old-school fast food chain White Castle, famously known for the “Sliders” those tiny sandwiches small just in size as are they are in fact delicious. Is still a fast food chain but if you ask as they’re good! 

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An amazing weekend in #Maryland 

Hello readers! 

This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending some quality time visiting dear friends in the Southern Maryland area. Beside enjoying the company of our friends which was obviously the main purpose of this trip, you know us well by now  so it had to involve some amazing home cooked food and some nice drinks to taste.

The pleasant and summery weather has been the perfect excuse to get the charcoal grill on fire! and prepare an amazing and flavor-packed  mix of deliciousness including Angus Prime Beef Burgers, Organic Beef Hot Dogs  and Farm-Raised Pork Chops all perfectly and masterly  seasoned with a home blend of traditional spices including Adobo, Sea Salt and Black Pepper and some fresh herbs like the house-grown Rosemary, and a dash of extra virgin Olive Oil. All this goodness served with few home-made outstanding side dishes, like Potato SaladCole Slaw , Pickles  and Guacamole



We finished this outstanding barbecue on a sweet note, with a slice of Boston Cream Cake and a glass of Rioja Vega from Spain an interesting discovery of this brilliant red with a complex  array of aromas on the nose, with notes of red fruits and liquorice and subtle hints of toast, spices and cinnamon. The perfect marriage to those juicy and tender cuts of meat. 

We also enjoyed some beers Red Stripe from Jamaica and some Presidente Cerveza from the Dominican Republic. 

It is not the first time we have visited this area of the US, below you’ll see some pictures we took during the spring of few years ago, in fact in certain months of the year this area of Maryland is a to-go-to spot for seafood lovers expecially Oysters and Crabs which are traditionally fished in the Chesapeake Bay area. 



Hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit this part of the US and discovery what this area has to offer, we enjoyed every minute of it and we have to thank our “Amici” for that… ( you know who you are!) 

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