Homemade #Burger 

Dear friends,

There is fast food, and there is home food made fast.

We cannot miss on a everyone’s favorite a tasty and juicy burger with crispy fries.

At this point we have two options, either drive to the nearest fast food and pick one of the choices on the menu, or just make it at home. Our way.

We opted for option number two, making everything from scratch, from the bun to the burger to the fries. The result a soft yet crispy on top whole grain bun, a juicy burger made of 100% ground pork seasoned to perfection with paprika, cayenne pepper, onions, ketchup, and a dash of shiracha sauce. 
Topped with diced Asiago cheese and crisp romaine lettuce, and of course a generous dollop of organic mayonnaise. The fries freshly cut, seasoned to perfection and baked until golden and crispy.

Home-Made Super Burger

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Game night? Homemade pizza!

Dear friends,
Nothing’s better that some comfort food at home while your favorite team is playing. Our choice for this midweek event is pizza. 
A couple of slices of homemade dough topped with some genuine ingredients makes an interesting combination. We prepared the basic pizza dough using flour, yeast, salt, and a pinch of sugar adding some sweet paprika and cayenne pepper in the mix, to have a soft crust with a hint of smokiness and heat. For toppings we used diced Asiago cheese, pork sausage, Shitake mushrooms, and finely grated potatoes. 



The mix of cheese and potatoes resulted in a crunchy and gooey interesting combination having a flavor similar to hash browns. The mix of spices and some fresh parmesan grated on top enhancing the deep flavor of the mushrooms. 
We’ve accompanied the pizza with a genuine glass of Primitivo di Manduria a crisp and flavorful red, the perfect companion for rustic dishes like this one. 
Enjoy yuor game night with some simple and delicious homemade food.
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The Ultimate Homemade #Burger!

Who doesn’t like burgers? Well, we do. A lot!

Tonight’s meal was a super-charged pork burger with eggplant chips and crunchy strips of organic bacon. The patties have been prepared with organic mince pork made of both lean and marble cuts, adobo, chilli flakes, black pepper, rock salt, and brushed with fresh garlic flavor extra virgin olive oil. The eggplants were cut into round slices, seasoned with rock salt, and black pepper, brushed with garlic e.v.o.o and baked until crispy. The bacon strips have been crisped up under the broiler until crunchy and delicious. 

We have assembled this delicious combo of flavor with fresh onions, a salad mix made of lettuce and arugula and a dollop of organic mayo. Just perfect! 



We paired this with a glass of white wine, and we’ve choosen an Asprinio Di Aversa Vite Maritata DOC, an interesting white from the Campania region made from a grape that can only be found in the area identified as the “Agro Aversano” in the Caserta province. This superb wine deserve a post by itself which will follow shortly, so keep following us on our main blog bareginger.com and don’t forget our social pages and our articles featured on the Blogher platform. 

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The perfect snack : a slice of home-made pizza

Feeling hungry, wanted something tasteful and yet easy to prepare. The answer for us is easy…Pizza. We topped this one with:

  • Tomato sauce with basil, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil
  • Mozzarella di bufala cheese
  • Provola cheese 
  • Salame Piccante
  • Potato Croquette crumbles

This combination of ingredients has given our pizza an extra depth of flavor, hitting every single taste bud, the sweetness of the tomato sauce, the deep flavor of the two cheeses mild and smokey, the spicy hint from the salami and the bold yet creamy layer of taste from the potato croquette… more than a simple snack… a slice of happiness. 

We paired this pizza with a nice cold glass of Asprinio di Aversa  grown in the southernmost part of Caserta Province in the Campania region. The taste is sharply aromatic, dry and fresh.

Pizza with cheese,spicy salami,mozzarella,provola and croquette
Pizza with cheese,spicy salami,mozzarella,provola and croquette