Lets cook a #Chinese dinner tonight 

We love chinese food, I am not going to to deny it. The mix of ingredients in this cuisine is amazing and some of the dishes can be easily replicated at home with an amazing result. Tonight is a perfect example!

We had Chicken with chinese mushroom and oyster sauce, accompanied with some stir-fry noodles with vegetables and a lovely Chinese steamed bread. 

We’ve used some tender strips of organic chicken breast which has been previously marinated in a mix of sesame oil and soy sauce, for the sauce we’ve used a mix of cornstarch, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and water. As mushrooms we’ve used the commonly chinese ones that can be widely found in Asian cooking usually known as Black Wood Mushrooms.


The noodles have been cooked in the wok with a mix of julienned veggies including carrots and sweet peas with sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce. For the Chinese bread, which you might know as the common name of Mantou we followed the traditional recipe which includes yeast,sugar,flour and baking powder. Obviously this were prepped in advance as their “raising” time range between 2/3 hours. 

We couldn’t drink something else than a nice and cold Chinese Beer -Tsingtao

Enjoy as we did! 

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Pan fried pork chops with mushrooms and creamy mash, the perfect recipe for this Tuesday night! 

Tuesday night dinner… Let’s see what to cook tonight! 

For us Pork chops are always good, no matter how we cook them, but the way we prepare them tonight made this delicious cut of meat even better if possible! We pan-fried lean chops in extra virgin olive oil after dusting them in seasoned flour. To add an extra depth to the dish we added some sliced organic champignon mushrooms, garlic, black pepper and sweet paprika. 


As side dish we’ve chosen another all-time favorite, organic mash potatoes seasoned with rock salt cooked with unsalted butter and bits of prosciutto, finishing them off with a dash of freshly grounded black pepper. 

The end result a dish with a variety of flavors going from the tenderness of the meat, the earthiness of the mushrooms and the unbeatable creaminess of the mash.We have paired this dish with a generous glass of Aglianico “Trigaio” from the well known wine yards “Feudi di San Gregorio”. 


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Soft & Delicious  #Tortilla with #Chicken and #Mushroom 

Dinner is ready, let’s roll! Definitely yes!

Tonight’s dinner was indeed a roll of goodness, a combination of flavors and a satisfying meal at every single bite. 


We prepared this lovely soft tortilla slightly warmed filled with organic sautéed  chicken and champignon mushrooms cooked with extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes, sweet paprika and black pepper. The meat slighlty dusted with flour, which allows it to stay soft and juicy on the inside and have a delicious velvety coating on the outside adding an extra depth of flavor at every bite.


As you probably know by now, following our blog, we usually drink a glass of wine with our recipes, tonight we opted for an organic double-malt beer from a local micro brewery. 


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Piadina with chicken and mushrooms 

Tonight’s  dinner is another one of our favorite! Piadina filled with spicy chicken tenders, oyster mushrooms, and Maasdam cheese, rolled and baked until golden brown. The chicken tenders are cooked with golden onions, garlic, and a mix of spices (adobo, black pepper, chilli flakes, and sweet paprika) then we added the mushrooms that were cooked with e.v.o.o

Once the filling is cooked to perfection we added the mix inside a soft piadina, topped with Maasdam cheese and bake them! We always serve this savory delight with a sauce made with mayonnaise, ketchup, balsamic vinegar and chilli flakes.

Tonight we paired it with 2013 Malvasia Nera del Salento, this lovely grape from the Apulia region in Southern Italy  produces a full ruby-red wine, with violet hues. The scent is fruity and aromatic, with a touch of pomegranate and raspberries. The taste is well-structured, with a good level of alcohol, fairly savory, and fair in acidity.

Piadina  with chicken and oyster mushroom
Piadina with chicken and oyster mushroom