#Curry rice with chicken strips and vegetables

Thank God for leftovers! A delicious Sunday night dinner leftovers turned out to be a quick, simple, and yet delicious Monday night fix. 

Yesterday’s dinner was some delicious roasted chicken with vegetables, potatoes, carrots, and a flavorful mix of spices  (if you’re following our blog you must have seen it!). For tonight’s dinner we decided to use what was left over, a few pieces of chicken, some vegetables, and the succulent juices. 

To prepare the recipe we cooked some organic brown rice, and prepared a creamy vegetable curry sauce. For the sauce we used curry powder, garlic, cherry tomatoes, boiled potatoe, paprika, chilli flakes and a pinch of adobo. The rest is history!! Dig in!


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“Dirty Rice our way” – Rice with minced pork and sweet peas

One of our favorite rice recipe is “Dirty Rice” with our personal spin on it. As usual we try to give our own twist on simple and common dishes. This particular one is made using “Parboiled” rice mixed with minced pork previously cooked down in chilli flakes flavored extra virgin olive oil, garlic paste, paprika, and adobo with a touch of balsamic vinegar-based ketchup and sweet peas. 

We paired this dish with a bottle of 2014 “Novello” from Toscana, Vino Novello, Italian for ‘young wine‘, is a light, fruity, red wine produced throughout the peninsula, Novello is similar to its French cousin “Beaujolais” in taste, body and color, but is produced using several grape varieties with a more simple fermentation process. 

Dirty Rice Our Way with 2014 Novello from Toscana