#Brunch @Pillow Cafe in #Brooklyn

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you the delicious branch we had today at Pillow Cafe’ in Brooklyn.

We had an AVOCADO & LOX SCRAMBLE  a really tasty combo of two scrambled eggs, avocado, lox & cheese. served with a side salad &toast, and their superb BLT  sandwich made with bacon, lettuce & tomatoes on ciabatta bread with chipotle mayo.



Worth a visit if you’re around, enjoy.

As described on their official website at Pillow

“Located in the heart of Clinton hill, Brooklyn, Pillow Cafe-Lounge serves fresh, delicious sandwiches, salads and an amazing brunch. Come and relax in our cozy dining room or enjoy a frozen margarita in our beautiful herb garden. Happy hour daily from 4pm-8pm. We serve breakfast everyday!”


Quick bite…

Dear readers,

No better choice to satify your appetite in no time. 

A delicious chicken sandwich, made of succulent chicken breast shallow fried in extra virgin olive oil with just a few spices.

Served over warm slices of sandwich bread made of soy and other variety of grains from the wheat family. The tender and juicy strips of chicken topped with crisp lettuce, asiago cheese, chopped olives, and balsamic vinegar dressing. 

Quick bite, amazing flavor, just right!

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This Monday hero! Open face #sandwich with organic pork sausage and Shitake mushrooms with Nduja spread.

Just the right ingredients on hand to fix an amazing, delicious, fulfilling and rustic sandwich. Some fresh organic Pork Sausage with fennel seeds, some Shitake Mushrooms  and a loaf of freshly baked Sourdough Bread.

The sausage cooked until golden brown in the oven in its own flavorful juices, the mushrooms shallow fried with extra virgin olive oil, white onions, garlic, chili powder and sweet paprika. The bread just needed to be gently sliced. As condiment we used some spreadable paste made with Nduja sausage from the Calabria region in Southern Italy  which is probably one of the spiciest spread you can find in Italy that has in every single bite the natural heat from some spicy and sharp red peppers.

The finished dish nothing fancy, the focus tonight was on flavor my friends!


With our flavor boasting sandwich we decided to drink a nice and crisp,13% alcohol content, glass of red from Sicilian grapes IGT produced in the wineyards in the province of Palermo. 

Enjoy as we did! 

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Tender Pork #Sandwich, I do like it!

Hello there! 

I wanted to cook something quick after a long day at work, luckily enough I had some organic Pork Loin cooked down with fresh peas, potatoes, carrots and thyme sitting there that someone else in the family had for lunch ( lucky them!)  I didn’t feel just having a previous cooked lovely meal, I had to put my spin on it, so I’ve decided to turn an already amazing dish into an equal impressive sandwich. 

I warmed the strips of pork in some extra virgin olive oil, adding some garlic purée and few chilli flakes, finishing the dish off with some drops of vegetables stock to keep the already moist meat softer. I have made a delightful sandwich with the warm ingredients using some all-wheat panini freshly naked from the local bakery. I’ve garnished the sandwich off with some paprika flavored mayo. Just wow at every single bite. 

I have accompanied this “panino” with a glass of Merlot red wine from the Veneto region, a decent red wine with 11% alcohol content that we often use to serve with our favorite antipasti, cheeses board and cold cuts. It was a quick fix but really fulfilling indeed! Enjoy.

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Quick dinner fix ? Gourmet sandwich!

Hello there! Running late or just not enough time to cook a more complex dinner? Why not have a hot and delicious sandwich? Ready in no time but good and fulfilling at every single bite. 

We’ve prepared tonight’s  sandwich with white bread, Parma “San Daniele” ham, Fontina cheese, lettuce, arugula and artichokes heart marinated in e.v.o.o and seasoned with rock salt, black pepper and chilli flakes.

After assembling the sandwich we grilled it until the cheese melted and the bread was slightly toasted. The end result a warm and delicious sandwich brought to the next level by the natural saltiness of the ham, the delicate sweetness of the artichokes and the bold and flavorful gooeyness  of the cheese. Just right.


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