Italian Father’s Day – March 19 – let’s get frying 

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day the Italian way! We would love to see how you prepare this traditional recipe and we will love to see you and your family enjoy this traditional delight. 
Send us the best shots of your creations:  #zeppolachallenge

March is indeed a time of festivity and feasting in Italy. From celebrating new blooms to weather changes, March is also the time when Italians celebrate St. Joseph’s Day commonly known as Father’s day. Italians honor their dads on the 19th of Marchto commemorate San Giuseppe – a fatherly symbol of love, compassion, kindness, generosity and acceptance. The Italian name for Father’s Day is ‘Festa del Papa‘. The traditional cake of this day are the Zeppole, prepared in many ways. Below you’ll find our own recipe to make some delicious Father’s Day fried cakes.


✔️100 grams of unsalted organic butter
✔️1/4 teaspoon fine grain salt
✔️1 cup water
✔️1 cup all-purpose flour previously sifted
✔️4 organic eggs
✔️Oil for frying ( whichever you use for your deep fried dishes) we use vegetable oil.


Follow this procedure if you want your Zeppole to have a delicate vanilla/cinnamon aftertaste: cut  the vanilla bean lengthwise. Using the back of a kitchen knife, scrape along the inside of the vanilla bean to gather the seeds and scrape them into a small bowl. Add 1/2 cup of white sugar, stir together and set it aside (if you wish a cinnamon scent prepare the same mixture but adding cinnamon instead of the vanilla pod)

In a saucepan combine the butter, salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and water over medium heat. Bring the mixture to a boil. Take the pan off the heat and stir in the all purpose flour previously sifted. Put the pan onto the heat and stir continuously until mixture forms a ball, this should take  about 3 to 5 minutes. 

Transfer the mixture obtained to a medium bowl. Using an electric mixer on low speed or a wooden spoon if you’re doing it by hand, add the organic eggs, 1 at a time, ensuring they’re fully incorporated before adding the next one. Beat the mixture until you reach a smooth texture. If you’re not frying the Zeppole immediately, cover the mixture with plastic wrap and rest in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, pour enough oil into a frying pan to reach a depth that will allow the dough to fry. Heat the oil over medium heat until the oil reaches 375 degrees F or 170 degrees Celsius.

Using two small spoons, carefully drop little nuggets of the dough into the hot oil, frying in batches. Turn the Zeppole once or twice, cooking until golden and puffed up, should take roughly about 5 minutes. Drain the excess oil on paper towels, sprinkle with the sugar previously prepared, the finished Zeppole can also be topped with custard cream, whipped cream or chocolate spread. As any fried delight is best served warm! Enjoy! 


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